These are the offical rules of the Neuriotronnipedia.

Use Common Sense!

Using Common Sense is a VERY important rule.

Simple Rules:

  • No articles that contain inappropriate content. (Will result in 1 year long ban)
  • Please use good English and spelling.
  • No articles that contain swearing, cussing or anything unrelated to the Mjduniverse Series. (Will result in 1 month ban
  • No spamming
  • Any hate articles about real people will be deleted. (Will result in 1 month ban).
  • No articles with Hatred against other members.
  • If you find any spam articles, please put them in the Category "Spam" and put the {{Delete}} tag on them.''<nowiki>Posting links to other wikis and other websites is okay but not '
  • Posting links to other wikis/websites is okay, but not okay if you spam it all over the place.

Please note that all contributions to Mjduniverse Series Wiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then do not submit it here. When editing you are promising us that you wrote it yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource.


What are alts? They are extra accounts Alts are rarely allowed here. If anyone makes an alt, the alt will be merged with the main account. If you make an alt more than 3 times, you will be blocked.

The only time you can create an alt:

  • If you have permission from an admin.
  • If you forgot your password and did not sign up with a real email.
  • If you are a Neuriotronnipedia staff member.

No Sockpuppeting.

See: Sockpuppet on wikipedia

Sockpuppeting is where you use Alts (Extra accounts) to Disprupt to wiki, abuse the wiki, pretend to be someone else or someone who doesn't exist and/or break the rules.

About making your own character.

Those must be made using the Create Bar on this page: Customs:Main Page

If you want them to be an official character, please talk to Mjduniverse.


Advertising websites, wikis, websites, products, or anything else is unacceptable. Unless you have permission with an admin.

Spam Bots

To all of those who make spambots and spam here, we will know those are spambots. If a spambot is is found, it will be banned PERMENTLY. Spambot accounts will have their account fused with User:Spammer.

External Link Policy:

  • No links to innapropate websites, videos, pictures or/and anything else innaropate.
  • The Neuriotronnipedia isn't a collection for external links.
  • Please put external links in a section titled "External Links" unless its a External Link to a different wiki.
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