Jake Johnny Is A Very Mischievous Child. Aways Planning Bad Things To Do Like, Destroying His Local Libary, His Room, And Even His Local City. He Is One Of The Main Charaters Of The Johnny Family. Zack replaced him as the main character. He also owns an EVILDOS computer. He appears in Jake Johnny gets grounded.

Jake Johnny
Jake Johnny Picture





Models Containing Jake JohnnyEdit

  1. Park Trouble
  2. Hate Space
  3. Jake Johnny's Smashes And Crashes
  4. Box Pile
  5. UH-OH
  6. Dimanos And Troublue!
  7. Jake Johhny's Room
  8. Jake Johnny's Prison
  9. Jake Johnny's House Kicker
  10. Bad Junior House
  11. Astriod Impacts Warehouse

Appearance Edit

Jake Johnny is a child with a white shirt he wears brown pants. He has brown hair too he has green glasses. he also has brown shoes or socks

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