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Neuriotronnipedia is about the following series:

They are located on many websites but the website they are most popular on is The main charater is Zack but it used to be Jake Johnny.

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Did you know?

  • Chonka's cat is Citten?
  • Chucky Ducky and Chucky are the same person?
  • Every character in Chucky Ducky has lame names?
  • Chucky believes in The Blanket Fairy.
  • Bubby, Sippy, and Sassy had to operate the costume for Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm The Dog Costume before they switched to CGI animation.
  • Chucky believes everything he reads on the internet.
  • Gupy loves to climb transmission towers and cut the wires so Urbecua can suffer a blackout.
  • The mess in Chucky’s room is about 10 feet deep.
  • Sometimes, random things sink in the mess in Chucky’s room.
  • The Atteains love to mess with nuclear fission.
  • Sometimes, the Atteains abduct someone and put a mind control worm in their brain.
  • The Atteain mind control worm can only be removed from a brain by eating a lot of grapes.
  • The Atteains once trapped all of Neuriotronn in a force field. It was defeated when Chucky ate the batteries that power the force field. Chucky had to go to the hospital for a month though.
  • Chucky’s mom works at a candy company called “CandoCandy”.
  • One time, Chucky went to CandoCandy and he ate all the candy there. He was punished by his mom shortly after.
  • Chucky had to act in a scene in a Chucky Ducky episode where he had to kiss Mrs. Star Head, one of the characters of Chucky Ducky. It was messed up though because he ate the star mask from the costume.
  • The Atteains want to conquer the whole Legizoid Galaxy.
  • The Brokenverse is an alternate dimension the Atteains accidentally created. If you go inside the Brokenverse, you notice that the laws of physics there are confusing and messed up there. For example, there would be air in empty space and all planets would be flat.

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